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Business Loans

Whether its a large or small business. When it’s comes to expansion or working capital requirement it is always acquired through external funding or business loans.

Business loans can be utlilzed in any form, such as increasing employee strength, Increasing company facility, increasing inventory, moving to a bigger office or factory space.

Vehicle Loans

The advantage of a car loan is that it gives you immediate access to a vehicle – or a better vehicle – that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. The vehicle can be a very much worthy investment for work or family/business commitments.

You can either buy new / used vehicles, whichever you are interested in

Housing Loans
No more difficulty in getting a housing loan in order to make your dream fulfilled. And also paying it back is hassle-free. With easy repayment methods and convenient to suit your requirements.
Personal Loan & Credit Cards

The advantage of a personal loan is that it will most likely cost you much less than using a credit card. Personal Loans can help you save over other types of finance options. Personal loans generally have a much lower interest rate than credit cards. Personal Loans are easy to access, Low Interest, Quick process.

Trade Facilities

A popular funding method to enable the purchase of inventories from local or international market, executed either by retirement of inward documentary bills / letter of credit or  by payment in advance.Trust Receipts are particularly useful in consumer durables,consumer appliances,construction tools and equipment industry.

Asset/Property Finance

Asset/Commercial Property Finance allows your business to purchase your commercial properties such as office/office buildings, shops, retail outlets, industrial properties, warehouses, under construction warehouse, etc..

Also you can pledge your existing property to get finance against it.

Our vision

We see ourselves among the most reliable and proficient fund facilitators of global choice.

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Direction insights

FINPRO addresses all business finance challenges and also explores new markets and partnerships for our clients.

Goodwill Leadership

GO-getters who arrange funds racing against time and act in the strictest.we intent to remain so,as we succeed in relationships.

As you steer your business, FINPRO helps you FIND
the harbour and reach it PROFICIENTLY.

Doing the right thing, at the right time.


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