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We see ourselves among the most reliable and proficient fund facilitators of global choice.

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FINPRO addresses all business finance challenges and also explores new markets and partnerships for our clients.

Goodwill Leadership

GO-getters who arrange funds racing against time and act in the strictest.we intent to remain so,as we succeed in relationships.

Asset Finance

Asset finance enables a business to purchase capital equipment-new or used-without the cash flow burden of outright purchase.Different repayment tenures are available to suit your circumstances.

Invoice Discounting

Invoice discounting is providing immediate funding on outstanding invoices thereby minimizing your working capital pressure.A flexible funding option that grows as your business grows.

Business Loans

Businesses require an adequate amount of capital to fund startup expenses or pay for expansions.As such,companies take out business loans to gain the financial assistance they need.

Trust Receipts

A popular funding method to enable the purchase of inventories from local or international market,executed either by retirement of inward documentary bills / letter of credit or  by payment in advance.Trust Receipts are particularly useful in consumer durables,consumer appliances,construction tools and equipment industry.

Stand By Letter Of Credit

When the client fails to fulfil a contractual commitment to a third party SBLC acts as ‘payment of last resort’.conditional collateral when required.SBLC appears like a piece of paper but with a ‘value’ that is backed by the good credit of the bank.This instrument is often used in international trade transactions.

Asset Funds

Assets that can be funded include:

Light Commercial Vehicles(LCV)
Heavy Goods Vehicles(HGV)
Plant and Machinery

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